People of faith know the power of prayer is the power of God.

Please join us in praying for:

  • unborn babies, that they may be made safe.
  • mothers who might be considering an abortion, that they might see the humanity of the unborn child and the harm abortion presents to mothers
  • pro-life elected officials, that they might stand strong in their convictions and work with purpose to protect unborn babies
  • pro-abortion elected officials, that they come to appreciate the wrongness of taking the life of an unborn child, and the harm the abortion industry presents to women and our nation
  • abortion industry workers, that their conscience might be awakened, and that they might turn away from a profession that takes the lives of unborn babies
  • all those involved with Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which extend a helping hand to women facing challenging circumstances
  • our religions leaders, that in faith they share the important message of the sanctity of life with those they serve
  • everyone involved in the pro-life movement, they they might work with effectiveness, compassion and respect for all, until the day arrives when every child is welcomed into life and protected by law.

Every life deserves our protection. Join the Pro-Life Committee as we work to change hearts, change leaders and change laws.