Join us in protecting the lives of unborn children from the tragedy of abortion.

The Pro-Life Committee is a project of the National Campaign PAC, a federal political action campaign committed to the sanctity of human life. We are registered with the Federal Election Commission in Washington, DC. Our FEC ID is C00563759.

During the 2014 election, we were able to make $79,156 in independent expenditures advocating the election of pro-life candidates. Additionally, we were able to make direct contributions to candidates for US House and US Senate. We’re pleased to report that 90% of the candidates we supported financially were elected.

Even more important than elections, we were able share our pro-life message with many Americans from all walks of life. Only by sharing the pro-life message can we hope to effect change in a positive way.

Our mission is to save unborn babies from abortion. Our goal is straightforward: we hope to change hearts, change leaders and change laws until the day arrives when every child is welcomed into life and protected by law. We seek to accomplish this by working peacefully and prayerfully thought our nation's democratic system of government.

Our pro-life activism is undertaken with a respect and appreciation of history. For most of human history, laws were imposed by hereditary monarchs or unelected leaders. Even today, many people in the world have little to no say in the laws that govern their country. The freedom we enjoy in the United States today is a precious thing. Each of us as Americans can speak out on issue we believe in, and vote for representatives at the state and federal level of represent our values. It is 'We the People' who determine our nations laws. Thanks to our democratic system of government, we can work to change the law and restore protection to unborn babies.

Over the course of American history, people of good will have banded together to change the law. At the time of our nations founding, slavery was an institution protected by law and custom. But over time, more and more people came to realize the wrongness of slavery. An "abolitionist movement" organized, gradually at first, calling for the abolition of slavery. Abolitionists worked first to change the opinion of their fellow citizens, then to elect candidates, then to change laws. In 1865, the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified, completely abolishing slavery in the United States. Before that movement though, other laws, many incremental in nature, targeted and weakened the institution of slavery.

A similar pattern of grassroots activism took place nearly 100 years later, as people organized the civil rights movement, insisting on the right of every person to be treated equally, regardless of the color of their skin. This movement also worked to change opinions, elect candidates and, eventually, change laws.

The movement to protect the lives of unborn children from abortion is a relatively new one. Abortion on demand only became legal in 1972 when the Supreme Court declared the laws protecting unborn children were unconstitutional. This decision was an act of breathtaking judicial activism, as the text of the constitution itself never addressed abortion and provided no good basis for such a conclusion by the judiciary.

Since 1973, more and more people have been joining the pro-life movement. Together, pro-lifers are helping to change hearts and minds, calling attention to the plight of unborn babies who are targeted by a profit minded abortion industry.

Working through the democratic process, pro-life citizens have elected pro-life candidates that have, step-by-step, pushed by at unregulated abortion-on-demand and helped to protect an every greater number of unborn babies. Laws against partial-birth abortion and abortion clinic regulations, which have save thousands of unborn babies, are among the pro-life moment's most recent accomplishments.

The Pro-Life Committee is a project of National Campaign. If you share our conviction that every life is precious, then we hope you'll join in our efforts to save unborn children from abortion. The Pro-Life Committee is working to help bring more people and new energy into the pro-life movement. We're using person-to-person contact, direct mail, phone banks and the internet to share the pro-life message to as many people as possible.

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Thank you and God bless you.

Every life deserves our protection. Join the Pro-Life Committee as we work to change hearts, change leaders and change laws.